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We are proud to announce that Housewives Magazine has moved.

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New study: Large portions for ‘healthy’ marked foods

KFC coleslaw

KFC coleslaw (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If something is labeled in the store “Healthy”, people automatically think it’s healthy. So, they will eat a larger portion of it, even if it has the same number of calories as the “unhealthy” foods do. At least according to a new study.

People think healthier food is lower in calories, and they tend to consume more of it

Pierre Chandon, a marketing professor at the INSEAD Social Science Research Center in France said. That misconception can lead to people eating larger portion sizes of so called healthy foods, and therefore more calories. The average amount of calorie intake for women are 1940 calories per day for women and 2550 for men.  (For one to lose 1 pound per week, there would  need to be 500 less calorie intake per day)

Foods are marketed as being healthier for a reason, because food producers believe, and they correctly believe, that those labels will influence us to eat their products and perhaps eat more of their products

Added Dr. Cliodhna Foley Nolan the director of Human Health and Nutrition at Safefood, a government agency in Ireland.

Safefood commissioned the study, led by Barbara Livingstone, a professor at the University of Ulster.

Foley Nolan said that the portion sizes of food have become larger over the years, and Safefood wanted to see whether health and nutrition claims had any influence.

The researchers asked 186 adults to assess the appropriate portion sizes of foods.

Given a bowl of coleslaw, the participants served themselves more of the coleslaw labeled “healthier” than the coleslaw labeled “standard.”

For instance, obese men served themselves 103 grams of healthy coleslaw and 86 grams of standard coleslaw.

In reality, the healthy-labeled coleslaw had just as many calories – 224 calories for every 100 grams – as the “standard” coleslaw, which had 223 calories.

Additionally, people tended to underestimate how many calories were in a serving for the “healthier” coleslaw.

The participants most often thought the “healthier” coleslaw contained 113 calories.

In contrast, they were not far off in estimating the calories in the “standard” coleslaw.


Chandon, who was not part of this study, said people tend to stereotype food that might be healthy in one aspect, say, lower in fat, as being healthy in every dimension.

But in fact, food labeled as being healthy is not always lower in calories as it’s over processed.

He said one reason why people might overeat healthier foods is because they feel less guilt when they choose a healthier option.

We think that these kinds of marketing means…of labeling things as being healthier, that it gives us a certain license to overeat and it can be dangerous, with regard to weight gain.

Foley Nolan told Reuters Health. She said the findings will be useful in developing nutrition policies and education campaigns to help people make healthy food choices.

Foley Nolan recommended that people bulk up on fruit and vegetables, rather than processed foods, even if they are labeled as healthy. Processed foods include meat, and canned vegetables/fruit. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup.

Chandon added that shoppers should also look at nutrition labels and calorie content.

Just pay attention to those “health” claims and don’t generalize or stereotype on one type of nutritional information

Chandon warned.

However, ABC News reported May 16, a professor who aims to create a healthy balanced pizza, with seaweed and red peppers. The pizza dough has seaweed mixed in right with it, but is this really going to be as healthy as it claims? Is what needs to be looked at, is the way it’s processed along with the additives and calories.  Be aware of what’s in your label.

Article Source: Medicine Plus/Reuters   ABC Article on Healthy Pizza   Featured Article Photo Credit: Getty

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Chronic stress at work- risk of heart complications: STUDY

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Canadian Medical Association Journal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that a stressful job can increase the risk of heart problems and lead to a 25 percent higher chance of having a heart attack or other heart related illnesses? Researchers have found that a healthy lifestyle could reduce this risk.

Results, which were published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that people who lead healthy lifestyles where they didn’t smoke, exercised regularly and were not obese had lower risks of heart disease even if they experienced job stress when compared to those who lead unhealthy lifestyles.

The study had found that the risk of coronary artery disease was actually highest among participants who reported job stress and had an unhealthy lifestyle, which those with job stress and a healthy lifestyle had half the rate of disease. This suggested that a healthy lifestyle could substantially reduce disease risk among those with job stress.

People with healthy lifestyles were considered to have no lifestyle risk factors, while those with a moderately unhealthy lifestyle had one risk factor. And people with two or more risk factors were considered as having an unhealthy lifestyle.

There were 1086 incident events in 743 948 person-years at risk during a mean follow-up of 7.3 years. The risk of coronary artery disease among people who had an unhealthy lifestyle compared with those who had a healthy lifestyle (hazard ratio [HR] 2.55, 95 percent confidence interval [CI] 2.18–2.98; population attributable risk 26.4 percent) was higher than the risk among participants who had job strain compared with those who had no job strain (HR 1.25, 95 percent CI 1.06–1.47; population attributable risk 3.8 percent). The 10-year incidence of coronary artery disease among participants with job strain and a healthy lifestyle (14.7 per 1000) was 53 percent lower than the incidence among those with job strain and an unhealthy lifestyle (31.2 per 1000)

The authors of the study wrote.

About one in six people in the study reported being under job stress, while the rates of heart problems over the past decade ranged from 12 cases per 1,000 in generally healthy people without  job stress, to 31 per 1,000 people with job stress and multiple lifestyle risks.

It was also noted that stress counseling wasn’t enough to offset some of the risks and that a healthier lifestyle could go a long way towards reducing the health risks.

The risk of coronary artery disease was highest among participants who reported job strain and an unhealthy lifestyle; those with job strain and a healthy lifestyle had about half the rate of this disease. These observational data suggest that a healthy lifestyle could substantially reduce the risk of coronary artery disease risk among people with job strain.

Said Dr. Mika Kivimäki, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London (UCL), said in a statement.

However, other types of job stress could still influence heart risks, including low social support and job insecurity, neither of which was considered in the study. Job strain can still have negative health results, which past studies have suggested.

With chronic stress, there’s activation of these systems that can have long-term effects on things like insulin resistance, central obesity and high blood pressure

Said cardiologist Dr. Vincent Figueredo from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, and who was not involved in this most recent study, told Reuters Health.

Source: RedOrbit.com  Featured Photo Credit: Getty

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Can a parent be wrong for public shame

Some states in the United States have implemen...

Some states in the United States have implemented laws to address school bullying. Law prohibits bullying of students based on sexual orientation and gender identity Law prohibits bullying of students based on sexual orientation only School regulation or ethical code for teachers that address bullying of students based on sexual orientation Law prohibits bullying in school but lists no specific categories of protection No statewide law that specifically prohibits bullying in schools (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the twenty-first century it seems that everything a parent tries to do to help their child stay on the right path is wrong, they are ridiculed and judged no matter what they do. If they take their children to psychotherapists, their children are sometimes wrongly diagnosed and medicated. If they just “talk” to their child, sometimes he/or she may not listen. If they ground, spank, or try to find a form of punishment that works, they are always bad parents. Parents now, are never right for trying to do what they feel is right. Over the last ten years bullying has become a world wide problem, and literally within the United States alone causing small children, as young as 8 to commit suicide. Why?

In 2012 a father had a son who pushed another student and tripped him for wearing pink shoes hold a sign on the street “I pushed another student because of pink shoes. I am a bully”. This dad had posted the photo on a social networking site, facebook. He had wanted his son to feel the embarrassment and hurt just as the student he picked on did.  However, several parents thought that public shame was wrong. Later on, this father explains he knew his son wouldn’t respond to grounding, spanking, or screaming, and this was the only thing that seemed to have an impact on him. So much of an impact, that his son apologized and with sincerity. His son was stared at, pointed at, and laughed at holding the sign, just as the kid he bullied was.

Recently, another Utah mom had her step daughter wear “thrift store” not so trendy clothing to school. Her 10 year old step daughter called another student “sleazy” for wearing daisy duke shorts and a tank top to school. So she made her go to school wearing clothing she thought was “ugly”. This seemed to work, as the little girl was laughed at by classmates, compelling her to sincerely apologize to the one she picked on. This mother said she made the right choice.

Many parents are starting to turn to public shame as a form of punishment, especially if they have tried everything else. Many parents feel that it’s too harsh, but what exactly is a parent to do? If a parent has tried talking to them over and over, helping them, switching the situation, what is next.

A Florida mom’s son told a teacher to “F” off, he was then suspended from school for three days. During those three days, his mother made him stand outside the school where everyone can see him, with a sign that said “I disrespected my teacher”. This mother had said she tried everything else, and from the looks of it, with many tears coming down his face, he learned his lesson.

According to  Kirsten Filizetti, Ph.D. a San Diego-based psychologist she says;

However, parents should be careful about introducing shame and guilt onto kids as a form of punishment, a better plan of action may have been to sit down with the child and understand the motivations behind the bullying, then use that knowledge to expose him or her to children who are different from them. To further the learning lesson, it may also be wise to have the kid sit down with the peer they hurt and listen to how the behavior was hurtful. It’s less important that the bully explain where they were coming from and more important that the victim feels heard.

Unfortunately, children in the twenty first century are not compelled to sit down and listen. They respond better when they are the ones being looked at, with shame. So in what case are parents wrong, or even right? Where do parents draw a line with their children, how far is too far?

Thrift Store Story Credit: Huffing Post/Yahoo News    Full Story on Kids with punishment signs: Huffington Post  Featured Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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All children have been accounted for in deadly tornado tragedy

MOORE OK- May 20, at 3:00 p.m. a deadly lethal tornado hit the town of Moore Oklahoma demolishing and ripping through the entire town. Over 40,000 people where in it’s fierce path, encountering the destruction of an enraged EF-4 tornado, with winds up to 200mph. In the direct path were two elementary schools, with one of them nearly completely cleared to the ground. Plaza Tower Elementary school occupied 500 students, grades Pre-K through 6th grade. Parents received text messages and emails an hour prior to tornado hitting this town giving them time to pick up their children.

Many thought this was not a growing tornado, however 75 students still remained inside Plaza Tower Elementary while the rest were evacuated or picked up by parents. Out of the 75 small victims, it was reported through the night 7 of them had ran to the back of the school and drown. Because of this mass chaos and destruction it was hard for rescue workers to find anyone under the 10 foot pile of debris. Many reports indicated that 24 children were still missing, and those 24 were third graders.

Reports of teachers throwing themselves on top as many as 6 children to keep them safe, taking the hit of debris protecting them.


This massive deadly tornado had winds over 200 miles per hour, throwing debris 20,000 feet into the atmosphere, nearly 2 miles wide staying on the ground for 45 minutes destroying everything in its path. This is the biggest tornado recorded in history. Homes were plowed down to nothing, in neighborhoods it doesn’t even look like a development. Horses were thrown through the air, finding one thrown into a daycare, surviving the violent storm. This violent storm did a 17 mile path of destruction.

Through out the night researchers and rescue workers search for many, rescuing over 101 people in the buried rubble. With 275 people injured and being treated, the death toll confirmed is 24, and 9 of those being children.

The 24 missing children had been accounted for, reporting CNN News at 2:00 p.m. Oklahoma time, today May 21.  Many are told to stay off cell phones to free up lines for rescue workers. Reports that most who lived in the town of Moore have been accounted for, however they are still searching for anyone who may be trapped under pockets of rubble.

This has been by far, the most devastating tornado to ever hit.

Featured Photo Credit: CNN


Moms spend more time social networking

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

It can almost be expected that most everyone has a facebook, twitter, google+, or some social media outlet they access daily, if not weekly. In fact, those with mobile phones or other devices tend access it more, since it can be convenient and on the go. But it’s moms who push that social media usage to new levels: 89 percent of moms who own mobile devices and have Facebook pages access the site on mobile at least weekly. This is significantly higher than 73 percent of non-moms. Further, 61 percent of mobile mothers who tweet access Twitter at least weekly on their smartphone or tablet, yes higher than some women who do not have children.

Overall though moms are heavier than average users or all major social networking, this includes Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest which is actually becoming as popular as Facebooking. These social moms spend more money than consumers who are not active on social media, according to comScore. North American mothers were responsible for one-third of total online spending in the holiday quarter of 2012—despite representing less than one-fifth of all internet users.

Many moms are spending their time between Facebook and Pinterest. Most moms blog, some run couponing sites, and some run small businesses using social media as their marketing tactic. Stay at home mothers, are of the highest to use social media for marketing.

However, in an article posted by the Huffington post May 11, says that social media is causing anxiety and stress in mothers. It’s called Social Media Anxiety disorder, which may not be recognized as a mental health issue yet, but for some mothers, social network inflicted stress has added a great amount of pressure to parenthood.

According to Huffing post, Pinterest is stressing out close to half of moms, which included a survey by TODAY Moms, that over 7,000 mothers across the country, 42 percent of respondents said that the image sharing site has caused them anxiety. Is Pinterest to blame? Because the sites ability to generate feelings of inadequacy by creating pressure to throw elaborate birthday parties, making DIY’s, and baking those perfect cakes and cupcakes, it’s causing moms to stress out. Moms start to compare the reality of motherhood, and online images may cause moms to worry about falling short of their crafting skills or baking skills of they don’t seem to measure up.

But is it really Pinterest, or other moms? The TODAY Moms survey also found that the greatest pressure on moms isn’t coming from other mothers. Rather, it’s self-inflicted: three-quarters of the survey’s respondents said that the pressure they put on themselves is more powerful than the pressure they feel from other moms.

Pinterest isn’t the only site that is taking blame for moms social anxiety though, other social networks contribute to moms’ anxiety, too. Instagram, for example, can present false portraits of idealized family life, adding to the pressure to be a “perfect” mother.

Facebook isn’t much better: The site can easily become a breeding ground for parental anxiety, with images and statuses presenting a romanticized portrait of life with young children, or even a spouse. “Fakebooking” — posting photos and statuses that cast family events in an unrealistic light — can make it more difficult to be a parent, according to Parenting.com’s Erin Zammett Ruddy.

Life on social media is sometimes “airbrushed” into making it seem that those are perfect moments captured in time. Families laughing, kids smiling and not screaming, meals beautifully planned out, couples smiling walking along the beach. But, behind every picture, can be a very unhappy moment captured just at the right time. For more on this story, check out Huffington posts article on the Pinterest Stress.

How much time do you spend on the social media websites? Does it cause you stress?

Article Source: Huffington post full Article    Featured Picture Article Credit: Getty

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Is Angelina Jolie apart of a conspiracy theory

English: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the C...

English: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the last few days Angelina Jolie has been spot lighted in the main stream media and named “Heroic” for having a double mastectomy, and now wanting to remove her ovaries in fear of cancer. Her husband, Brad says she is Heroic for doing this. Although Angelina had no signs of breast cancer, she still underwent an unnecessary surgery. Mike Adams, from Natural news offers his opinion on the huge conspiracy theory involving the supreme courts.


Natural News has learned it all coincides with a well-timed for-profit corporate P.R. campaign that has been planned for months and just happens to coincide with the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decision on the viability of the BRCA1 patent.

This is the investigation the mainstream media refuses to touch. Here, I explain the corporate financial ties, investors, mergers, human gene patents, lawsuits, medical fear mongering and the trillions of dollars that are at stake here. If you pull back the curtain on this one, you find far more than an innocent looking woman exercising a “choice.” This is about protecting trillions in profits through the deployment of carefully-crafted public relations campaigns designed to manipulate the public opinion of women.


Wrote Mike from Natural News. A lot of readers are even asking if Angelina had the mastectomy in the first place. People are starting to question her reasoning behind this. Doctors, and Health activists are saying healthy eating choices contribute to staying healthy, and avoiding cancer.  Jolie’s mother had breast cancer and died of ovarian cancer, and her maternal grandmother also had ovarian cancer, strong evidence of an inherited, genetic risk that led this actress to have both of her healthy breasts removed to try to avoid the same fate. However did she really do it for the Supreme Courts? Does she really deserve to be called Heroic? You decide!


Featured Photo Credit: Getty   Article Source: Natural News


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Let’s move in an earthship

English: earthship bathroom in the Phoenix Ear...

English: earthship bathroom in the Phoenix Earthship – http://www.earthship.net (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most would think that living in mounds of dirt, clay, newspaper, and other sticks would not be the ideal place to live. However, earthships, the new echo friendly homes, are getting popular among many, including celebs. Yes, it’s underground, and it’s one of the most creative architectural structures out there.

These earthships are created from anything scrap, from tires, to bottles, dirt, newspapers, clay, and sticks. Put all together to look like a beautiful place to live. Inside of these gorgeous spacious earthships, is a beautiful home. Some of these earthships have gorgeous greenhouses for more of a natural living.









Search around for an earthship, and you will find the most beautiful ones in Arizona priced at between $10,000 to $370,000. Check out Arizonaearthships.com for facts on how to build your own earthships.

Featured Photo Credit: Earthship.com, Article Photo Credit: Google

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The original Monopoly

Remember that game from Parker Brothers that came out sometime around 1904? Monopoly! Which was actually patented in 1904, but existed as early as 1902. The earliest design was known by American, Elizabeth Magie. However, by 1934 a board game had been created much like the version of Monopoly sold by Parker Brothers.

In 1903, the Georgist Lizzie Magie applied for a patent on a game called The Landlord’s Game with the object of showing that rents enriched property owners and impoverished tenants. She knew that some people would find it hard to understand the logic behind the idea, and she thought that if the rent problem and the Georgist solution to it were put into the concrete form of a game, it might be easier to demonstrate. She was granted the patent for the game in January 1904. The Landlord’s Game became one of the first board games to use a “continuous path”, without clearly defined start and end spaces on its board. A copy of Magie’s game, dating from 1903–1904, was discovered for the PBS series History Detectives. This copy featured property groups, organized by letters, later a major feature of Monopoly as published by Parker Brothers.

The game, which takes nearly four hours to get through, is known as “The Worlds Most Popular Game”.

Article Source: Wiki    Featured Photo Credit: Getty

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Dr. Phil’s lesson on money with kids

Former Dr. Phil logo

Former Dr. Phil logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a 2009 episode that was aired, Dr. Phil tries to teach a few 4th and 5th graders about money. He had down the average family in America earns about $5,000 or more a month, and that after paying the main bills, you have $2,000 left over. However, let’s look at reality here.

Reality  VS Dr. Phil 

  • Depending on where you live- average household rent $950.00 – $1,400 month (he had $1,400)
  • Car payment-$300-500 (which he had right)
  • Fuel for vehicle- $100-$140 week (didn’t have this)
  • Electricity- $150-$200 (which he had right)
  • Water/Trash- $50-80 month (he did not have this)
  • Groceries (depends on family size average) $500-800 a month (he had $300-500)

Dr. Phil had $2,000 left for extra’s after paying all these bills above. Extra’s included eating out, and spending $175 a month in clothing. When he was done with that, he had $500 left over to save each month.

Although let’s look at reality here.

Reality VS Dr. Phil

The average family makes between $3,000 and $4,000 a month (includes taxes). What about childcare, insurance for vehicle, cable, cell phone?

  • Rent/Mortgage- $950-$1,400 month
  • Car Payment- $300-$500
  • Fuel- $100-$140 week
  • Electricity- $150-$200
  • Water/Trash- $50-80 month
  • Groceries- $500-800 month

We are going to add what an average bill is, including cable, skipping car payment since the car is owned.

  • Rent- $950 month
  • Insurance for Vehicle- $80 month
  • Fuel- $320 month ($80 weekly)
  • Electricity for family of 5 (2300sqft)- $156 month
  • Water/trash- $79 month
  • Groceries- $650 month or more (living with Celiacs)
  • Cable which includes home phone/internet- $179 month
  • One cell phone- $50.00

We are already at $2454, and we haven’t included household items such as dog food/toilet paper/toiletries/children’s items/school functions/and all this with only earning the average $2900 monthly income. Teaching our children to budget might seem like a difficult task, however there is one way to explain the budgeting, and that’s using play money so children understand what it’s like to budget and only one a small income.

It’s so imperative that children learn how to budget, and the value of money. The real world comes hard and fast, when it does, it’s best that they are prepared for living by their means.

How do you teach your children about money?


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Vintage Apple-1 computer sells for $668,000 in auction

Image representing Steve Jobs as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

Fox News Reports– Remember the old Apple computers way way back when. Well, an auctioneer says one of Apple’s first computers, which is a functioning working 1976 model has just been sold for a record of $668,000.

A German auction house Breker said Saturday an Asian client, who did not want to be named, bought the Apple 1, which the tech company’s founders Steve Jobs and Steve Woziak build in a family garage.

Breker claims it is one of only six known remaining functioning models in the world. He  already sold one last year for $636,500.
It says the computer bears Wozniak’s signature. An old business transaction letter from the late Jobs also was included.

The Apple 1, which was sold for $666 in 1976, consisted of only the circuit board. A case, a keyboard and a screen had to be bought separately.

Vintage collectors all over, especially with electronics are willing to pay the going price. Makes you want to look around the attic for vintage items!

Source: Fox News  Featured Article Photo Credit: Getty

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The Unstoppable Moore tornado destruction

Unstoppable, fast, violent, raging, monster EF4/EF5 in some spots, tornado comes ripping through the town of Moore and surrounding areas enduring 45 minutes of destruction. Watch this video as two storm chasers follow from the development of this monster, and just in 10 minutes what she can do. Almost looking like “The Movies” as described in some statements, she spins around as quick as she can, growing bigger and bigger.

The Unstoppable Moore Tornado.

Injuring over 370 people, killing 24 people with 10 being children. Destroying 17 miles of homes and businesses, and displacing over 2,000 beloved animals. She was unstoppable.

For a Comparison of the horrifying damage Click on picture

Moore  Oklahoma Before and After

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The tote bag- practical and universal

Guest Post- Tote bags are a type of everyday bag that can definitely be deemed ‘hard working’. Hard working in the sense that it is so widely used. As a matter of fact, it’s on the list of fashions that never go out of style.

Your everyday tote bag is a multitasking hand bag, and stands as a symbol that denotes the complexity of the roles, played by women today. Millions of ladies nowadays carry and use a tote bag as they aid the busy woman in her everyday life and needs.

Of the great variety of handbags, offered on the market these days, the tote bag offers a classic and basic design. Their simplicity originates from the fact that they are fashioned after the paper grocery bag. Tote bags are known as “Everything bags” as they are greatly versatile and can fit any lady’s lifestyle. It is definitely ideal for the woman who is constantly on the go – it is perfect both for a casual weekend getaway or for carrying your groceries. Because of its simple structure, the tote bag can be loaded with various items and still won’t look unfashionably stuffed.

Another advantage is that the tote bag is an all season handbag. During the summer, a colorful tote, one that matches the bathing suit, is a perfect accessory. When it gets cold, a great leather tote will be your ideal winter aid for carrying your pumps.
In other words, the tote bag defies time in every way possible. This spring’s totes’ hot trend is canvas. However, the fabrics, used for making tote bags vary greatly, but still, totes’ design is rather informal. A tote bag that is well constructed could be made of leather, canvas, straw, plastic, etc. As for the size, totes are relatively large and their sides expand in order to grant plenty of space for various contents. In fact, the expandable sides are probably the tote’s largest asset. This way you can carry a heap of things and still have room for more. This makes the tote bag perfect for traveling and shopping.

Usually, designers tend to, as something as a rule, include a large pocket on the inside. Occasionally, there are dividers and small insert pockets for credit or business cards. The closure is either a zipper or a snap, but there are also tote bags that have a magnet closure, which is great, as it can be closed quickly, with just one swift movement. Simple and basic canvas tote bags have no closure at all. The handle can be short or one that goes all the way over the shoulder. The latter is a really convenient option, for it frees your hands.

The story of the tote bag dates back to 1944 when the “Boat Bag” started being manufactured. It was sold and designed by “LL Bean”. The first tote bag was made of canvas and it quickly became a favorite of the “boater crowd”. The bag’s simplicity is what made it so popular in the first place and what caught the attention of many designers and eventually the attention of ladies worldwide. In the ’50s, the tote gained popularity and became women’s primary handbag. This has primarily to do with practicality. During the ’60s, a major tote bag manufacturer was “Bonnie Cashin”, distributing their “Cashin Carry” bag. As for the ’90s, “Kate Spade” settled on the market as primary tote bag distributors, starting their line of luggage style totes.

Now, in the 21st century, the tote bag is unarguably the most widely used type of hand bag and there are definitely no prospects of that changing in the upcoming decades.

The article has been written on behalf of http://www.removalsmanandvan.org.uk/removals/PL20-removal-services-horrabridge.html

Featured Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Guest Post Contribute: Angela 

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Woman accused of scamming everyone including her own son

New Jersey- On April 29, Vanguard Radio Network reported that a New Jersey mom tried to convince her friends, and her own son, age 9,  that HE had stage-3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma (cancer).  The whole reason- was to collect cash from donations and well wishers.

This disturbed mom, Susan Stillwaggon aged 35 was charged by Pennsauken police with theft by deception and endangering the welfare of a child on April 25. Police say they verified through medical records that the 9 year old child does not actually have cancer.

Stillwaggon collected $3,500 through fundraisers for her son, according to police.

CBS Philadelphia spoke with a woman who identified herself as Stillwaggon’s mom, telling reporters that her daughter is in a a psychiatric ward.

I will just tell you that my daughter is sick, something snapped in her head, don’t know what, that’s why she is where she is so we can find out what’s wrong

Many people donated to help her son out with treatments.

Stillwaggon led her son to believe that he suffered from the fatal illness. Investigation confirmed that the boy does not suffer from any life-threatening illnesses.

The Pennsauken Township Police Department said. The woman reportedly raised $3,500 for the boy. Police said there are “quite a few” victims of the scam.

There were probably 10 different people that organized some kind of something, be it a cupcake sale or those little Livestrong-type rubber bracelets. I’ve got kids walking around with canisters, and I’ve got Bingo events

Det.-Sgt, Cheryl Duffy told ABC.

Police believe she may have even fooled the boy’s father.

It’s actually plausible why he didn’t catch on, it’s a single-income family, and he’s the sole breadwinner. He’s a truck driver gone for extended periods of time. Mom’s a stay-at-home mom in charge of all the kids’ appointments, so it was whatever she relayed to him.

Duffy added.

Many women are using Cancer as a scamming tactic for many reasons, even paying for a wedding.  Again in New Jersey, Lori E. Stilley, 41, of Suburban Boulevard, admitted in court she was not suffering from Stage III bladder cancer during the time she collected donations amounting to between $15,000 and $20,000, some of which funded her wedding. She used bakes sales, T-shirt sells and so on to fund her wedding.

Full Story on Lori E Stilley: Here  Story on Frauding Cancer Mom: Here   Featured Photo Credit: CBS News

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