Housewives Magazine is about expression. How we see the world, what’s going on in the world from our view. It’s about empowerment, letting the average housewife know she has a purpose. Getting her out of her shell, and expressing herself. Put your emotions into your writing. Improving on your happiness and passions.

Most of what we wanted was to promote every subject that we found most Housewives find interesting. We really wanted to put together a magazine type of website, and dedicate it to housewives. We of course threw in a little odds and ends here and there, such as Headlines, but we wanted to grow that reader based bias opinion.

Are we original? We try to be, with our crazy DIY’s, and our Health tips. We tend to find the current news around the web, especially the juicy celeb gossip! Can’t get enough of that! We wanted readers to engage in what we have to report!

We launched Housewives Magazine on New Years Day of 2013, but used a different platform. It needed more spunk, it needed more activity, so we switched- now with over 4,000 views!

We love Momprenuers too! So, we would love to spotlight you! If you are one, contact us. We would truly enjoy posting all about you!

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