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Woman accused of scamming everyone including her own son

New Jersey- On April 29, Vanguard Radio Network reported that a New Jersey mom tried to convince her friends, and her own son, age 9,  that HE had stage-3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma (cancer).  The whole reason- was to collect cash from donations and well wishers.

This disturbed mom, Susan Stillwaggon aged 35 was charged by Pennsauken police with theft by deception and endangering the welfare of a child on April 25. Police say they verified through medical records that the 9 year old child does not actually have cancer.

Stillwaggon collected $3,500 through fundraisers for her son, according to police.

CBS Philadelphia spoke with a woman who identified herself as Stillwaggon’s mom, telling reporters that her daughter is in a a psychiatric ward.

I will just tell you that my daughter is sick, something snapped in her head, don’t know what, that’s why she is where she is so we can find out what’s wrong

Many people donated to help her son out with treatments.

Stillwaggon led her son to believe that he suffered from the fatal illness. Investigation confirmed that the boy does not suffer from any life-threatening illnesses.

The Pennsauken Township Police Department said. The woman reportedly raised $3,500 for the boy. Police said there are “quite a few” victims of the scam.

There were probably 10 different people that organized some kind of something, be it a cupcake sale or those little Livestrong-type rubber bracelets. I’ve got kids walking around with canisters, and I’ve got Bingo events

Det.-Sgt, Cheryl Duffy told ABC.

Police believe she may have even fooled the boy’s father.

It’s actually plausible why he didn’t catch on, it’s a single-income family, and he’s the sole breadwinner. He’s a truck driver gone for extended periods of time. Mom’s a stay-at-home mom in charge of all the kids’ appointments, so it was whatever she relayed to him.

Duffy added.

Many women are using Cancer as a scamming tactic for many reasons, even paying for a wedding.  Again in New Jersey, Lori E. Stilley, 41, of Suburban Boulevard, admitted in court she was not suffering from Stage III bladder cancer during the time she collected donations amounting to between $15,000 and $20,000, some of which funded her wedding. She used bakes sales, T-shirt sells and so on to fund her wedding.

Full Story on Lori E Stilley: Here  Story on Frauding Cancer Mom: Here   Featured Photo Credit: CBS News


About Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown, a Certified Fertility Instructor, has been a fertility advocate for over four years. As a Certified Herbal Counselor, Amanda continues to advocate with resolve.org and educate about infertility, health, and well being. Amanda is a columnist for Woman’s Essence Magazine, and has helped many women with her columns on health and nutrition. Amanda has also created a large educational fertility website, which has achieved much success.


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