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Moms with three kids more stressed [opinion]

My sister and her baby.

According to a new survey by TodayMoms.com, more than 7,000 United States mothers with three children have more stress, than those of two or four. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most stressed, the average mom in TodayMoms.com survey, puts herself at an 8.5.  Moms say the stress is a lot from within, 75 percent of moms say that their stress is more about the pressure they put on themselves to be perfect, and the pressure or judgement they get from other moms.

More stress nuggets from the online survey of 7,164 U.S. mothers, conducted the week of April 17 by TODAY.com and Insight Express:

  • 46 percent of moms say their husbands/partners cause them more stress than their kids do.
  • 72 percent of moms stress about how stressed they are.
  • Biggest cause of stress: 60 percent say it’s lack of time to do everything that needs to get done.
  • 60 percent of moms say raising girls is more stressful than raising boys.
  • Nine out of 10 moms stress about staying fit and attractive.

Can you relate to this survey? I know as a mom of three boys myself, I can.

I am a mother of three rambunctious, rough, whinny, beautiful boys. I don’t think I am the only mom to run in the closet and just sit in silence praying that no one finds me for at least 3 to 5 minutes. My day starts at 6a.m., with two screaming two year old feet at my bedside by 6:30am. While I try and calm him down while getting my face on in the morning, I am also making sure the two oldest boys ages 9 and 13, have clean dishes and everything is ready for them for breakfast.

By 7:40am prompt we are out of the house and on our way to school. By 8:13am my youngest and I return home, only to constantly hear he scream non stop. He wants his daddy. Most the time I battle with him to eat, especially since daddy didn’t cook it. Then I check my email for my business, and then get started on my schooling, and courses. About every half an hour I run into a huge temper tantrum usually over foods that he cannot have. My two year old has a gluten intolerance, so everything he eats is purely organic with no food dyes, gluten, dairy, nuts, and no meat. By noon, after cooking a gourmet meal for lunch for the baby, I start moping, dishes, laundry, vacuuming,  bathrooms, dogs, dusting, and any other chore that needs to be completed.

By 2:30pm, I try and prepare dinner, and by 2:56pm I am out the door to pick the two boys up from school. When they come home, it’s helping with homework on both sides, reading, cleaning, dinner, cleaning again, and a bath for the baby. Bed time for the baby is by 8pm. Two nights a week my oldest has Karate, which makes the nights go faster.

Yes, the kids scream, fight, run through the house, and sometimes are just enough to get me to run to my closet. Regardless of the 12 rules I have written on the 4 foot dry erase board in our family room, my rules are still blown off.

After 8pm, is my chance for silence. It doesn’t happen. Normally it takes about an hour for the baby to finally settle down. And the other two boys go to bed at 9pm. Now, after 9pm, I have silence. I take then, that grand opportunity to design websites for clients, write articles, or whatever else I can do that makes me feel good about life and trying to earn a small income. Usually between 1am, and 3am I finally am in bed. Until the baby wakes up.

My average hours of sleep are about 3 to 4 hours, anything over that is sleeping in. My husband is a truck driver, so I am basically a single mother. I worry about bills being paid with no money, house being cleaned, kids being structured, the dogs getting their walks, the car getting a tune up after 3,000 miles, tires rotated, the bug guy to spray for Florida spiders, I worry about everything. Then the mommy things, dinner, bake sales, fundraisers, homework, projects, school uniforms, and it just never ends.

Meanwhile, I have a missing husband. So stressed, yes I agree. Having three children is pure stress. The middle child is worried about the youngest getting everything and the oldest having everything. The oldest is learning to form a teenager opinion, and voicing it well. And the youngest, he just screams, kind of like that baby on the movie “The Incredible’s”. By the end of the day, there isn’t enough coffee to help any energy, and there purely is not enough hours in the day to complete every chore.

When my husband finally comes home, he is child number 4. The cycle starts over, and more things I have to clean up to add to my to do list. Heck, I didn’t even get a Mother’s Day again this year.

Now I know I am not the only mom out there.

Article Source and Reference: TodayMoms Featured Photo Source: Getty


About Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown, a Certified Fertility Instructor, has been a fertility advocate for over four years. As a Certified Herbal Counselor, Amanda continues to advocate with resolve.org and educate about infertility, health, and well being. Amanda is a columnist for Woman’s Essence Magazine, and has helped many women with her columns on health and nutrition. Amanda has also created a large educational fertility website, which has achieved much success.


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