Moms spend more time social networking

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It can almost be expected that most everyone has a facebook, twitter, google+, or some social media outlet they access daily, if not weekly. In fact, those with mobile phones or other devices tend access it more, since it can be convenient and on the go. But it’s moms who push that social media usage to new levels: 89 percent of moms who own mobile devices and have Facebook pages access the site on mobile at least weekly. This is significantly higher than 73 percent of non-moms. Further, 61 percent of mobile mothers who tweet access Twitter at least weekly on their smartphone or tablet, yes higher than some women who do not have children.

Overall though moms are heavier than average users or all major social networking, this includes Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest which is actually becoming as popular as Facebooking. These social moms spend more money than consumers who are not active on social media, according to comScore. North American mothers were responsible for one-third of total online spending in the holiday quarter of 2012—despite representing less than one-fifth of all internet users.

Many moms are spending their time between Facebook and Pinterest. Most moms blog, some run couponing sites, and some run small businesses using social media as their marketing tactic. Stay at home mothers, are of the highest to use social media for marketing.

However, in an article posted by the Huffington post May 11, says that social media is causing anxiety and stress in mothers. It’s called Social Media Anxiety disorder, which may not be recognized as a mental health issue yet, but for some mothers, social network inflicted stress has added a great amount of pressure to parenthood.

According to Huffing post, Pinterest is stressing out close to half of moms, which included a survey by TODAY Moms, that over 7,000 mothers across the country, 42 percent of respondents said that the image sharing site has caused them anxiety. Is Pinterest to blame? Because the sites ability to generate feelings of inadequacy by creating pressure to throw elaborate birthday parties, making DIY’s, and baking those perfect cakes and cupcakes, it’s causing moms to stress out. Moms start to compare the reality of motherhood, and online images may cause moms to worry about falling short of their crafting skills or baking skills of they don’t seem to measure up.

But is it really Pinterest, or other moms? The TODAY Moms survey also found that the greatest pressure on moms isn’t coming from other mothers. Rather, it’s self-inflicted: three-quarters of the survey’s respondents said that the pressure they put on themselves is more powerful than the pressure they feel from other moms.

Pinterest isn’t the only site that is taking blame for moms social anxiety though, other social networks contribute to moms’ anxiety, too. Instagram, for example, can present false portraits of idealized family life, adding to the pressure to be a “perfect” mother.

Facebook isn’t much better: The site can easily become a breeding ground for parental anxiety, with images and statuses presenting a romanticized portrait of life with young children, or even a spouse. “Fakebooking” — posting photos and statuses that cast family events in an unrealistic light — can make it more difficult to be a parent, according to Parenting.com’s Erin Zammett Ruddy.

Life on social media is sometimes “airbrushed” into making it seem that those are perfect moments captured in time. Families laughing, kids smiling and not screaming, meals beautifully planned out, couples smiling walking along the beach. But, behind every picture, can be a very unhappy moment captured just at the right time. For more on this story, check out Huffington posts article on the Pinterest Stress.

How much time do you spend on the social media websites? Does it cause you stress?

Article Source: Huffington post full Article    Featured Picture Article Credit: Getty

About Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown, a Certified Fertility Instructor, has been a fertility advocate for over four years. As a Certified Herbal Counselor, Amanda continues to advocate with resolve.org and educate about infertility, health, and well being. Amanda is a columnist for Woman’s Essence Magazine, and has helped many women with her columns on health and nutrition. Amanda has also created a large educational fertility website, which has achieved much success.

3 comments on “Moms spend more time social networking

  1. I totally agree! I’m a new mom (my son is 8 months) and I spend most of my social media time on Pinterest and Facebook. I have a blog (www.PinThere-DoneThat.com) about doing things from Pinterest! When I first found Pinterest, I was addicted. I would sit and pin pin pin getting so inspired and motivated. Then got off the computer and back to real life with no time to do these things. That was the inspiration behind my blog. To start doing the things I found and loved on Pinterest! This has actually eased my stress a little because I’m doing the things I see! Pinterest is like all of the internet consolidated down into all the things you never have time to do, and that can be daunting! Even if you just see one person post a great party – that’s just one day in that one person’s life – but suddenly you’re worrying about how your whole life can’t be like their one moment. Have to keep a realistic output, and focus on loving your kids instead of stressing about how everyone else loves theirs 🙂

    • Did you find it hard to get off of the computer, to go back to real life? It was so hard when I closed down the laptop. I was so scared I was going to miss something that I could find, which would inspire creativity in myself. I agree with you 100%, the realistic output verses the internet. 🙂

  2. it is becoming a new trend i agree! why nit put it to use for yourself and get paid for it? have you ever given this any thought?


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