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If Affirmations are Wonderful – Why don’t they work for some?

Have you ever found yourself thinking “Yeah, I’ve tried affirmations and they just did not work for me” or “I don’t feel comfortable saying those affirmations everyday and anyway I forget”? We have all at one time or another tried different affirmations that some guru, positive thinker or friend told us about. We repeated these for afew days and then dismissed them. You continue your daily life the way you always have and just hope for things to get better right?

There is a secret to affirmations and it lies within you!!! Yes You!! It is just like trying to read a book you are not interested in perhaps because someone told you it was a good book. You can read a paragraph and put the book down and not remember what you just read right? For most people if there is not an interest in the words being read, a desire to move forward either in life or knowledge your subconscious mind will tune out and it will go back to what is familiar they way it has always been!! It’s that simple.

There are techniques to saying an affirmation, setting an intention, changing the subconscious view of things and living from gratitude. You can change your subconscious thought pattern, you can stop it from always bringing up the negative or reminding you of times things did not work the way you hoped. It is in our subconscious mind where everything in our lives has been stored – like the hard drive on a computer. This also means everything from childhood we have been told, have learned and continue to repeat in our lives today good and bad. The problem is that if our thinking is not “moving us” forward with positive actions it is holding us back by remembering those negative thoughts and actions. Positive actions are actions that move you towards somehthing, it may be as simple as cleaning out a drawer. Instead of hearing your subconscious mind say “Why bother”, which is a do nothing action, you can change that to a more powerful statement with an “I Can”.

Remember that failure only comes from not trying and not trying comes from fear of failure. Fear creates and endless cycle of defeat and self destruction. If you try you don’t fail you learn what did not work and what you need to do to change it so it does work. It is only by trying that we learn to succeed, grow stronger and become more confident to move forward. When plans do not work the way you hoped don’t let the negative thoughts take over and prevent you from trying again. Instead see it as a learning adventure and begin to work on areas that need changed and try again. Be consistent in your efforts and believe me they will pay off for you.

Cindy L. Gould
CEO Sacred Earth Aromatics


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