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We are proud to announce that Housewives Magazine has moved. We are now at! Join us there!! We can’t wait to see you! For our great followers, check us out over there!

New study: Large portions for ‘healthy’ marked foods

If something is labeled in the store “Healthy”, people automatically think it’s healthy. So, they will eat a larger portion of it, even if it has the same number of calories as the “unhealthy” foods do. At least according to a new study. People think healthier food is lower in calories, and they tend to […]

Chronic stress at work- risk of heart complications: STUDY

Did you know that a stressful job can increase the risk of heart problems and lead to a 25 percent higher chance of having a heart attack or other heart related illnesses? Researchers have found that a healthy lifestyle could reduce this risk. Results, which were published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that […]

Can a parent be wrong for public shame

In the twenty-first century it seems that everything a parent tries to do to help their child stay on the right path is wrong, they are ridiculed and judged no matter what they do. If they take their children to psychotherapists, their children are sometimes wrongly diagnosed and medicated. If they just “talk” to their […]

All children have been accounted for in deadly tornado tragedy

MOORE OK- May 20, at 3:00 p.m. a deadly lethal tornado hit the town of Moore Oklahoma demolishing and ripping through the entire town. Over 40,000 people where in it’s fierce path, encountering the destruction of an enraged EF-4 tornado, with winds up to 200mph. In the direct path were two elementary schools, with one of them […]

Moms spend more time social networking

It can almost be expected that most everyone has a facebook, twitter, google+, or some social media outlet they access daily, if not weekly. In fact, those with mobile phones or other devices tend access it more, since it can be convenient and on the go. But it’s moms who push that social media usage to new […]

Is Angelina Jolie apart of a conspiracy theory

  In the last few days Angelina Jolie has been spot lighted in the main stream media and named “Heroic” for having a double mastectomy, and now wanting to remove her ovaries in fear of cancer. Her husband, Brad says she is Heroic for doing this. Although Angelina had no signs of breast cancer, she […]

Let’s move in an earthship

Most would think that living in mounds of dirt, clay, newspaper, and other sticks would not be the ideal place to live. However, earthships, the new echo friendly homes, are getting popular among many, including celebs. Yes, it’s underground, and it’s one of the most creative architectural structures out there. These earthships are created from anything […]

The original Monopoly

Remember that game from Parker Brothers that came out sometime around 1904? Monopoly! Which was actually patented in 1904, but existed as early as 1902. The earliest design was known by American, Elizabeth Magie. However, by 1934 a board game had been created much like the version of Monopoly sold by Parker Brothers. In 1903, […]


The Unstoppable Moore tornado destruction

The Unstoppable Moore tornado destruction

Unstoppable, fast, violent, raging, monster EF4/EF5 in some spots, tornado comes ripping through the town of Moore and surrounding areas enduring 45 minutes of destruction. Watch this video as two storm chasers follow from the development of this monster, and just in 10 minutes what she can do. Almost looking like “The Movies” as described […]


Dr. Phil’s lesson on money with kids

Dr. Phil’s lesson on money with kids

In a 2009 episode that was aired, Dr. Phil tries to teach a few 4th and 5th graders about money. He had down the average family in America earns about $5,000 or more a month, and that after paying the main bills, you have $2,000 left over. However, let’s look at reality here. Reality  VS […]

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